eduki nagusira jauzi

The infrastructure bill helped many communities, but the federal funding didn’t go directly to counties or cities. It went to the states, and they were responsible for divvying it up. In other words, the County Department of Transportation and Public Works didn’t receive the money – MoDOT did. They chose how to divide it, and there were many places in Missouri that benefited.

The County also discovered that most of the 389 grants did not fit our needs for safety, pedestrian improvements, or maintenance. Out of 389 programs, 217 were not relevant to County activities whatsoever.  Of the remaining 172 programs, sixty erlazionatu eta ebaluatu ziren for eligibility, alignment with our needs, and availability of County-matching funds. Five grant programs were pursued: TAP, STBG, CMAQ, CPF, and (RCP) Reconnecting Communities Pilot. We did not receive RCP; however, we did have better luck with TAP, STBG, and CMAQ.